Cuisine Classes

Each evening, our participants cook a full Jordanian dinner including a soup, a number of both hot and cold mezza dishes (appetizers), and the main course. We can appreciate that you already know how to chop vegetables, but you may appreciate that in most households, food preparation time is an anticipated and joyous social event, where family members—traditionally women—come together to share the day’s stories and plans while they work. You’ll have that same chance to chat and laugh with your fellow cooks and our local staff while you prepare your evening meal; from the most basic chopping and grating to the elegant presentation of each Mezza dish, this event is a hallmark of Levantine cuisine. When the meal is prepared, you’ll join your fellow participants for a well-earned meal served family style. The only thing that’s not like a home kitchen is that we won’t ask you to clean up afterward! We will, however, supply printed recipes for each dish prepared that evening, so you can go home and show off your new-found expertise to friends and family.